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iQ-U300 Urine Analyzer


  • Type: Reflectance Photometer
  • Memory Capacity: Up to 2000 samples
  • Software available in English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Loading Plate Capacity: Up to 10 samples per tray
  • Operation Mode: Quick, General and One by One.
  • Serial communication: RS232 interface port.
  • Multi-voltage auto sensing
  • Flexible Keyboard included
  • Optional bar code reader

Analyzer Includes: 

  • Barcode Scanner, 1 piece
  • Roll Keyboard, 1 piece
  • Calibration Strips, 1 bottle x 25 strips
  • Strips Loading Plate, 2 pieces
  • Thermal Printer Paper, 2 rolls
  • AC adapter 100-240 V, 1 piece
  • Power Cable, 1 piece
  • Cable RS232
  • Operational Manual (CD)

Technical Specifications:

  • Serial Communication RS232 interface port
  • Power Supply: 12V DC/3A
  • Operational Conditions:
    • Temperature: 18 C – 30 C
    • Humidity: < 80 %

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Urine strips for iQ-U300 Analyzer and Visual Reading iQ-UR10A

  • 10 parameter strips (Uribilinogen, Glucose, Bilirubin, Ketones,  pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Nitrite, Protein, Leucocytes.)
  • Size: 100 strips/bottle.




iQ-UCAL Calibration Strips

  • For iQ - U300 Urine Analyzer use only
  • Size: 25 strips/bottle.
  • Calibration after 4 weeks or 500 tests whichever comes first.


FDA Approved

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