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Abbott AxSym

Abbott AxSym 
The Abbott AxSYM imunochemical automated system processes up to 120 tests per hour while providing continuous access, random access, and STAT processing with a broad testing menu. AxSYM allows medium and higher volume clinical laboratories to process a variety of immuno-diagnostic tests simultaneously, as well as add tests while the instrument is running. The AxSYM has a throughput from 80 tests/hr all the way up to 120-tests/hr average.


By IBL standards : The instrument goes through a complete disassembly process to the chassis level and every subassembly is cleaned, inspected, rebuilt, lubricated and tested, whichever applies. The chassis and external cover are stripped and or sanded and painted. All tubing, with the exception of some Teflon tubing(if found to be in excellent condition) are replaced. Next the instrument will be re-assembled, inspected and put thru the same verification procedures as the instrument went through initially at the factory, including clinical background check, carryover testing, precision, calibration and three levels of control testing. In the end, a certificate of quality assurance will be attached to the report of all test result and diagnostic testing and a refurbish record will be created for each instrument. “3 Months Warranty” 

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  • Refurbished Unit with 90 days warranty.
  • Reagents, controls, and consumables may be available.
  • Service contracts may be available.
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