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ChemWell Fusion


ChemWell FUSION Automated EIA and CLIA Analyzer

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  • Automated EIA and CLIA Analyzer. Process both economically at the same time on a single platform with a unique new design. Enables ELISA and CLIA assays to run together on a single instrument, even within a single plate. 
  • Affordable automated open system with a Dual-Function reader that automatically switches from reading absorbance to chemiluminescence.
  • PC-controlled and includes a comprehensive software package. You can program a wide range of glow-luminescent assays and standard colorimetric ELISA tests including hormones, infectious diseases, tumor markers, autoimmune and more. Smart software optimizes throughput while starting tests at intervals to avoid timing conflicts.
  • The software manages each assay separately so that multiple assays can be processed on the same plate even if they have different timings, reagents, and reading modes. 
  • Patented optical system uses PMT (photomultiplier) to detect light signals from Luminescence and from 4 standard wavelengths for Absorbance. The patented scan head prevents crosstalk.   

ChemWell FUSION accepts:

  • 6-well plates
  • 12 standard 8-well micro strips
  • 8 standard 12-well micro strips; white for CLIA and clear for ELISA


  • Makes dilutions and pre-dilutions
  • Pipettes from 2uL to 250uL
  • Handles multiple reagents
  • Smart software optimizes throughput while starting tests at intervals to avoid timing conflicts

Reagent Cooling Accessory (RCA) not included










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