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Maglumi 1000


Maglumi 1000 Automated Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer 

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Principle of Luminescence

    • Non-enzyme involved flash chemiluminescence, long stability of reagents.
    • ABEI label, stable in acid and alkaline solution

Main Features

    • Throughput: up to 120 tests/hour
    • 24 hours ready to use
    • Time to first result:17 minutes

Modes of Operation

    • Random, Batch and STAT 

Sample Loading

    • Up to 144 primary tubes.
    • Continuous loading, STAT available.
    • Analyzer auto numbered.
    • LIS connection

Reagent Loading

    • 15 reagents on board.
    • Continuous loading.
    • RFID read all info of reagent.
    • Refrigerated reagent area

Reagent Features

    • Integrated kit, ready-to-use, no pretreatment required.
    • Integrated kit including calibrators.
    • Use superparamagnetic microbeads.
    • RFID tag storing all info of reagent.
    • RFID tag with built-in master curve.
    • 2-point calibration to adjust master curve.
    • Calibration stability: max 4 weeks

 Other Features

    • Clot detection.
    • Liquid level detection for reagent.
    • Optional ratio for sample dilution.
    • Auto dilution for high concentration sample.
    • Constant 37℃ incubation.
    • 15-30℃ Operating temperature.
    • Interconnection: Connection to LIS via COM or network.
    • Direct operation on LIS system to test.

















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