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Orbital Shaker VRN-360


Orbital Shaker VRN-360

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The VRN-360 Orbital Shaker provides a variety of options to satisfy your lab needs. With varying levels of shaking and different applications for chemical tests, the VRN-360 offers versatility and value. Provides levels of shaking for virological, immunological, serological and hematological application as well as Alpha, Kline, Mazzini, Syphilis, Pregnancy and other chemical tests.  



    • Provides a desired level of shaking from a gentle rotation to a vigorous agitation for virological, immunological serological and hematological application within the range from 75 – 250 rpm for mixing test tubes, wells or flasks
    • Applications for Alpha, Kline, Mazzini, Syphilis, Pregnancy and other chemical tests
    • Operates continuously or uses a set time for intermittent shaking up to 60 minutes
    • Countered platform allows the VRN-360 to hold six 96-well micro plates
    • Tachometer speed readout.



    • Dimensions – 30x32x20 cm
    • Platform – 28x42 cm
    • Weight – 3.2 kg (7 lbs)
    • Speed – 60 to 230 rpm
    • Fixed speed – 130 rpm
    • 110V 50Hz 
    • Max temperature - 99.9ºC
    • Temp uniformity - ±0.01ºC
    • Temp control - PID











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