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16 Places Centrifuge. Swing-Out Rotor PLC-025   

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PLC-025. Up to 5000 rpm, 20.4 K, 36x45x29.5 cm, Digital Timer, Automatic Brake, Interlocking lid system. Swing-out rotor T-1516 (16 x 15 mL) and Fixed Angle Rotor H-1645 (16x15 mL).   



    • Swing-out rotor T-1516 (16x15 ml)
    • Fixed Angle Rotor H-1645 (16x15 mL)
    • Interlocking lid system
    • Automatic braking system
    • Digital Timer
    • Auto-balance system that eliminates vibration
    • The rotor balance and speed controls are factory calibrated



    • Max Speed – 5000 rpm
    • Speed indicator - digitial , 3- digit , LED
    • Speed control - Microprocessor
    • Digital Timer - 99 minutes LED
    • 110 V 50 Hz


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