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Roller Mixer VM-370

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The VM-370 Roller Mixer have been designed with functions, reliability and safety in mind, providing a gentle and quiet rocking and rolling mixing at a fixed speed of 40 rpm for blood samples, Reagents, viscous substances and others that rocking and rolling action is required.

    • The rocking and rolling action is motioned simultaneously by the built-in POM gears quietly and smoothly.
    • 19mm diameter eccentric to produce 3- dimension rocking at both sides.
    • Operate continuously or set time for intermittent operation up to 180 minutes.


    • Overall dimension: 450 x 300 x 125mm approx.
    • Net weight: 7 kg (17.5 Lb.) approx..
    • Roller number: 7 rollers
    • Roller size:32mm (Ø) x 320mm (L)
    • Speed: Fix at 40r pm (±3 rpm)
    • Motor: Gear motor 24V, 5.17W
    • Timer: Mechanical 180 minutes
    • Operation: Choice of Continuous and Intermittent
    • Rocking range: 19mm diameter
    • Max load: 5 kg (11 Lb.)
    • Current: 110V/0.4A; 220V/0.23A
    • Power source: 110V, 50/60Hz


Operation environment:

    • Temperature: 4ºC – 60ºC
    • Humidity: 40% – 90%
    • Sea level altitude: ≤ 4000 meters
    • Atmospheric pressure range: 700hPa to 1060hPa.
    • Available for most sizes of tubes, Bijoux, universals and bottles.
    • Rollers are alkaline and acid resistance.













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