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Rocking Shaker 3-Dimensional Motion VRN-380B


Rocking Shaker 3-Dimensional Motion VRN-380B

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Mechanical timer up to 180min. & HOLDE and Dial speed meter   


    • Rocking motion shakers provide a rocking motion or a consistent 3-dimensional rocking motion. Use for gentle and uniform mixing of blood samples, cell suspensions, dye fixations and solutions in test tubes, flasks, or bottles. Ideal for applications requiring gentle, low-foaming agitation and uniform mixing of lab samples - immunoassays, hybridizations, mixing blood samples, cell cultures and DNA extractions.
    • Select from fixed-speed, fixed-shaking angel or adjustable-speed angle give you maximum control over sample agitation to meet your application purpose.
    • Comes with a 30 x 30cm dimpled non-slip rubber mat suitable for different tubes simultaneously. Apply to different tubes up to 11 mm diameter.
    • Adjustable "tilt" lets you choose rotation angle and circulate liquid up/down/sideways and around ensuring complete mixing.
    • Timer up to 180 minutes. 
    • Shaking angle from horizontal to 20°. Variable speed controls let you adjust the exact agitation desired for staining, blotting and hybridization.
    • Designed for molecular biology applications requiring constant rocking.


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