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6 Places Swing-Out Rotor Centrifuge UNC-06SD-15T3

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Touch Pad time and speed controls 800-3400 rpm programmable. With the choice of 6 place swing-out rotor, the Universal Centrifuge is the perfect solution for both laboratories and doctors’ offices. Features a ZERO-RPM locking lid for safety and digital programming of time and speed ranging from 800-3400rpm. Achieve up to 1809g with the swing-out rotor resulting in clean, easy to read lines of separation. The LW Scientific Universal centrifuge has a 110-220v auto-switching power adapter.   


    • Accurate speeds for specific g-force
    • Ideal for blood, urine, and other fluids

Design Features

    • Rubber feet to prevent slipping
    • Easy removal of rotors for accessibility
    • 6-place swing-out Rotor
    • Zero-rpm locking lid
    • Service Indicator Light
    • Stores last four programmed speeds


    • 800-3400 rpm
    • Maximum RCF: 1809g with swing-out Rotor
    • 12 volt maintenance-free brushless motor
    • Programmable Digital Time and Speed
    • Swing-out rotor: 6-place 3-15ml tubes
    • 110/220v auto-switching power Adapter


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