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Digital Water Bath 22 L YCW-010-22

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    • Thermostatic temperature with 5ºC above ambient to 100ºC
    • Molded bath with rounded corners and seamless stainless steel sides ensures efficient circulation and easy for cleaning
    • Equipped with immersion heating element sheathed with stainless steel
    • Temperature uniformity by rotating water stirrer to direct flow to various areas
    • Built-in microprocessor-based digital controller
    • Audible & visible alarm is activated
    • Timer starts working when the set temperature has been stabilized
    • Drain valve and perforated tray are optional for extra cost to meet your requirement
    • Over-heat shutout 2ºC to set point
    • Lid included 



    • Volume - 11 L
    • Dimension: 11 L @ 30 x 24 x 15 cm
    • Temp setting - Digital
    • Max temperature - 99.9ºC
    • Temp uniformity - ±0.01ºC
    • Temp control - PID











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