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Inter Bio-Lab, Inc. was founded in 1994 by Jorge Gonzalez, in the city of Orlando (Florida- USA).  During the early stages of operation, Jorge Gonzalez was able to establish agreements with international companies, who also do business in Latin America, making IBL a pioneer enterprise.

Today, IBL is known worldwide as a supplier of renovated laboratory instruments with high quality standards. In accordance with our founder’s philosophy, we establish long term business relations with top leaders in the diagnostic products market, and our products are subject to continue quality improvement which is a guarantee for these alliances in the future.


Our gained experience during these operational years has allowed our team to have control of all required processes for the Latin American exports. Our commitment to renovate technology for the future also includes the distribution of products which strategically make the difference in the diagnostics market. In such way, we are prepared to continue being their strategic partner while maintaining the leadership in Latin America.

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