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Electrolytes Analyzer
Na+, K+, Cl-, Ca++, pH

Na+, K+, Cl-

image refers to the model with autosampler


Full sealing technology is used for all electrodes, avoid leakage effective! and improve stability and service life of electrode .
With RS232 and USB for connecting to computers, may connect scanning readers which with the corresponding interface. 
Solenoid valves are used for controlling flow path, the failure rate of analyzers is reduced. 
Add pilot lamp for sample position and liquid level, the liquid level of the reagent is visualized. 
Air bubble detection function, eliminate air bubble automatically, reduces the risk of abnormal results. 
Automatic flushing function, 24 hours on, meet emergency needs, automatic calibration for keeping the function of electrodes and analyzers. 


Colorful Touch Display
Colorful touch display, easy operation, provides users with a high-quality operating experience. 
Auto-Sampler of 26 Positions (**)
Interface for Barcode Scanner
Users may configure the barcode scanner according to the requirements, take the sample information directly, reduces the workload of manual input. 
Quality Control Maps
With the function of quality control analysis data, master data through quality control statistics and quality control analysis simply and intuitively. 
Original Test Tube for Sampling 
The analyzer can use the original test tube for sampling directly to simplify the sampling processing or can choose to use a sample cup for sampling to meet different clinical requirements. 

(*) Compared to the iQ-E60
(**)Accessory sold separately.

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