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IBL Hematology Reagents


Rayto © Series 7600 / IBL iQ-H360

  • 20L Diluent iQ-H360D-20L

  • 1L Lytic Reagent iQ-H360L-1L

  • 1L Enzimatic Cleaner iQ-H360C-1L


Beckman Coulter © Act Diff

  • 20L Diluent IBL800-003

  • 1L Lytic Reagent IBL500-020

  • 20L Enzimatic Cleaner IBL800-002

  • 1L Enzimatic Cleaner IBL300-029

ABX Micros ©, Siemens Advia © 60

  • 20L Diluent IBL300-128

  • 1L Lytic Reagent IBL300-140

  • 1L Enzimatic Cleaner IBL300-032

Abbott Cell Dyn © 1400,1600,1700,1800

  • 20L Diluent IBL300-067

  • 1L Lytic Reagent IBL300-077

  • 20L Detergent IBL300-064

Mindray © BC-1800, 3000, 3000Plus 

  • 20L Diluent IBL300-201

  • 1L Lytic Reagent IBL300-203

  • 500mL Lytic Reagent IBL300-203-500

  • 20L Rinse IBL300-204

Also available on special request:
•    Diatron Abacus Junior, Junior 30
•    Nihon Kohden, MEK 6400K/6410K

Can't find what you are looking for? Please contact us and let us know the specific product and the corresponding description. We have more items in stock and we can help you find the most suitable product for your needs at an affordable and guaranteed price!

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