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ChemWell 2

Automated Two-plate ELISA/CLIA Analyzer

The Ultimate in Flexibility


ChemWell 2 Automated ELISA/Chemiluminescent analyzer offers a true two-plate solution for processing microwell ELISA and CLIA assays in a robust walk away system.

• Separate reagent and sample pipetting improves throughput.

• Individual strips are timed separately allowing a wider variety of protocols to run simultaneously.

• ChemWell 2 management software keeps track of assay timing requirements and automatically regulates assay start times to avoid conflicts. Mix and match ELISA or CLIA tests by strip row or by plate.

• ChemWell 2’s programmable wash uses an 8-well wash head allowing for an entire strip to be washed at once with consistent timing.

• Built in barcode reader tracks sample placement

• Optional liquid sensing disposable probe tips are available for sample


  • ChemWell 2’s combination of hardware and software is designed to optimize ELISA/CLIA testing on one or two microwell plates.

  • Follow prompts to program test kits, many flexible options. Once you have created your worklist, loaded the samples and reagents, ChemWell 2 will do the rest.

  • ChemWell 2 comes with a host of reporting options, providing your laboratory with critical data in an organized printout or electronic document, reports are customizable.

  • Ideal for programming an assortment of microwell ELISA and CLIA kits including infectious diseases, hormones, tumor markers, auto immunity and toxins.

Holds 92 disposable tips and 90 samples

ChemWell 2’s intuitive software design helps keep users informed of on-board processes by providing a visual representation of the entire workflow in an easy to understand graphical interface.

ChemWell 2’s software options provide users the ultimate in Flexibility.

8 manifoldwash headwashes both plates
multi-size reagent
bottle rack
2 microwell
plate stations
Two simultaneous
pipetting system
Liquid sensing disposable sample tips96 capacity
built-in barcode
90 Samples


  • Fluid handling:

    • Pipetting range 5 μL – 1.95 mL.

    • Typical reaction volume range of 200 μL to 250 μL.

  • Probes: Liquid sensing probes monitor remaining volumes, crash protection.

  • ELISA reader: Accuracy of ±1% + 0.01 A or better up to 1.5 A and ±2% or better above 1.5 A.

  • ELISA Optical filter range: 4 standard filters 405, 450, 492, 630 nm, optional additional filters available.

  • CLIA reader: Glow Luminescence.

  • Sensitivity/Detection limit: HRP 1x10-18 moles, ALP 1x10-21 moles.

  • Detector: Photomultiplier (PMT).

  • Spectral Response Range: 300-650 nm.

  • Peak Wavelength: 400 nm.

  • Standard sample rack: 90 sample capacity - serum vials or 13x100 mm tubes.

  • Standard reagent rack: Typically 29 - Assorted replaceable racks and custom-designed racks are available for various bottle sizes.

  • Barcode scanner: Integrated barcode scanning with a positive patient ID system.

  • Light source: Tungsten-Xenon lamp.

  • Dimensions:

    • Height - 57.7 cm.

    • Width - 107 cm.

    • Depth - 62.4 cm.

    • Weight - 60 kg.

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