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ChemWell 2902

Fully Automated Biochemistry Analyzer

Programmable open system

  • PC-controlled fully automated biochemistry analyzer.

  • Fully automated dilutions capability, pre-dilutions, dispense reagents by single well or 8-way multiple well reagent dispense.

  • Biochemistry Reactions take place in standard 96 uncoated microwell plates or microwell strips at 37˚C

  • Automated plotting and editing of reaction graphs, calibration curves, including kinetic reactions.

  • Applications in clinical and veterinary testing, environmental testing, analysis of food and water, and life science research.

  • Optional Reagent Cooling Accessory (RCA).

  • Optional Plate Seal (must be ordered at time of purchase).


  • Typical throughput: Up to 200 endpoint reactions per hour, up to 170 kinetic reactions per hour.

  • Typical reaction Volume: 200 µL or less.

  • Min. and Max. pipetting volume: 2 µL - 1.95 mL.

  • Precision for volumes <5 µL: <2.5% CV.

  • Precision for volume >5 µL: <1% CV.

  • Maximum number of specimens: 96 (including calibrators and controls).

  • Maximum number of reagents: Typically 27 to 44.

  • Standard reagent rack: 27 positions, other configurations optional.

  • Reaction vessel: Standard microwell plates or strips.

  • Thermal control: Well, probe, and tubing; ambient or 37˚ C (other options available).

  • Reagent cooling: RCA, Reagent Cooling Accessory (optional) cools 10˚ to 15˚ C. below ambient through Peltier thermoelectric modules connected to an external controller.

  • Optical design: Reads absorbance in four channels simultaneously User-selected. monochromatic or bichromatic results 8 position filter wheel : 340 nm - 700 nm.

  • Calculation modes: Single standard, factor, fixed time kinetics, kinetics by standard or factor, multi-calibrator point-to-point, linear regressions, log-logit, cubic spline, and nonlinear regressions (curve fit).

  • Photometric Accuracy:

    • ± (1% of the reading +0.005 A from 0 to 1.0 A).

    • ± (2% of the reading +0.005 A from 1.0 to 3.0 A).

  • Dimensions & Weight:

    • 66 cm W x 51 cm L x 40 cm H Approx. weight = 35 kg.

    • 34” W x 20” L x 16” H Approx. weight = 77 lbs.

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