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ChemWell Fusion

Automated ELISA & CLIA Analyzer

Deliver ResultsWith Confidence


Stat Fax 4500 is a compact, standalone chemistry analyzer with built-in 12 station incubation, on-board printer, and touchscreen.

  • Accurate results, dependable performance.

  • Automated analyzer for microwell based ELISA or CLIA.

  • Versatile open system.

  • Cost-effective operation.

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ChemWell® Fusion allows the Laboratory to define & program an unlimited number of customized assay protocols.

Three easy steps to reliable results

  1. Enter or download patient data, and request tests with calibration and QC options.

  2. Load samples and reagents.

  3. ChemWell automatically processes the workload, monitoring reagent, and sample supply, and presents results for review, printing, and storage.

Processes CLIA and ELISA assays on the same microwell plate or run full plates for dedicated testing.

  • ChemWell Fusion is an open system adaptable to ELISA and glow-type CLIA applications.

  • ChemWell Fusion provides pre-dilution options, mixing, variable incubation, plate washing, total pipetting functions, and the software times the addition of conjugates, substrates, and stop solutions while monitoring sample and reagent volumes as well as other parameters to assure precise, reliable results.

  • ChemWell Fusion is a fully automated immunoassay processor with a unique optical system that automatically reads both colorimetric and chemiluminescent assays.

  • The instrument holds a 96 microwell plate or up to twelve 8-well strips.

  • Each row in a microwell plate can run a different test even if the incubation times, wash cycles, and read modes are different. Smart software avoids timing conflicts.

  • Assay applications can be programmed to create and store a password-protected menu of test protocols.

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Reagent Rack

Sample Rack

Reaction Vessel

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Plate Washer


  • Min. and Max. Volumen: 2 μL - 1.95 mL.

  • Precision for volumes <5 μL: <2.5% CV.

  • Precision for volume >5 μL: <1% CV.

  • Maximum number of specimens: 96 (including calibrators and controls).

  • Maximum number of reagents: Typically 27 or 44.

  • Standard reagent rack: 27 positions, other configurations optional.

  • Reaction vessel: Standard 96 well microwell plates or strips.

  • Instrument bottles:

    • 1 L Priming bottle.

    • 2 L wash.

    • 1 L rinse (or second wash).

    • 2 L waste bottle.

  • Thermal control:

  • Plate/Well 25 °C, 37 °C, or ambient temperature

  • Temperature controlled to 25 °C providing the ambient room temperature is below 25 °C.

  • Wash head: 8-probe, automatic prime and rinse.

  • Programs: Wash protocols are user programmable for aspirate, dispense, soak, mix.

  • Reading: Glow luminescence & absorbance.

  • Light Source: Halogen Lamp.

  • Spectral range: 340 - 700 nm.

  • ELISA absorbance: 405, 450, 492, and 630 nm.

  • Photometric accuracy:

    • ± (1% of the reading +0.005A from 0 to 1.5A).

    • ± (2% of the reading from 1.5 to 3.0A).

  • Software format: CD-ROM and Internet upgrades.

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 7, 8 and 10

  • Minimum system requirements: Operating System dependent. Please see Windows system requirements.

  • Calculation modes: Absorbance, single standard, factor, multi-calibrator point-to-point, linear

  • regressions, log-logit, cubic spline, and nonlinear regressions (curve fit), RLU.

  • LIS integration: LIS compatible, patient database stores test results.

  • Dimensions & weight:

    • 92.075 cm W. x 54.61 cm L. x 47.3075 cm H. Approx. weight = 35 kg.

    • 36.250” W. x 21.500” L. x 18.625” H. Approx. weight = 77 lbs.

    • (Allow additional 6” W for waste and wash containers).

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