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iQ-A1c M1_edited.jpg

iQ-A1c M1

Semi Auto LPLC Analyzer


Precise separation of elusion of 4 gradients.
Layer 3.png
Chromatographic column precision and thermostatic apparatus
Built-in 415nm high sensitivity LED photometer
Degassing bubble removal technology.


Molded production, color touch screen, humanized man-machine exchange UI design.
Samples can be checked by time, order, and patient sample number.
Equipped with a barcode reader interface. The user can configure the barcode reader according to his needs, scanning sample information and uploading the information and results to the LIS system. 
Real-Time chromatogram, intelligent process monitoring.
Real-Time quality control chart with analysis control, visual performance, and state of the instrument.
Fully open structure, seasonable flow path, low fault, easy maintenance.

(*) Compared to the iQ-A1c +

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