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LuMate 4400

Chemiluminescent 96 well Microwell plate reader

Programmable open system


LuMate® is a powerful yet compact glow luminescence detector with photo multiplier capable of reading (300nm - 650nm) in opaque 96 well microwell plates.

LuMate® is an open system and may be used to read most microwell based Chemiluminescent kits.

Once installed, LuMate® management software comes preconfigured to interface with your PC and the LuMate® analyzer via a high-speed USB connection.

The LuMate® with your PC provides the rapid reading of 96 well microwell plates

or individual microwell strips, customizable reports, calibration curve fit, and unlimited data storage to meet the requirements of the modern laboratory.

  • Economical open system & compact design

  • Reads an 96 microwell plate in 2 minutes

  • Multiple calculation modes

  • Dependable performance

  • Intuitive software, designed for ease of use


  • Optical measurement range: Glow Luminescence.

  • Sensitivity/Detection limit: HRP 1x10-18 moles, ALP 1x10-21 moles.   

  • Linear Dynamic: 106 RLU.

  • Range Cross talk: Less than 2.5 x 10-4.

  • Spectral Response: 300-650 nm.

  • Range Peak Wavelength: 400 nm.

  • Vessel: 96 wells in opaque white, flat bottom wells in strip tray or plate.

  • Power Requirements: 100V or 240V AC, 90W, 50-60Hz (auto-sensing).

  • PC connection: USB Port.

  • Speed: Reads 96 wells in approximately 2 minutes. 

  • PC interface with LuMate: Manager software - included. (PC not included). 

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows® 7, 8.1, 10.

  • Calculation Modes: Factor, Standard, Point to Point, Cut Off, Regression, Cubic Spline, Dose Response, Polynomial Regression, 4-Parameter and 5-Parameter Logistic, %RLU.

  • Additional Features: User-programmable open system, selectable plate formatting, reporting.

  • Certifications: NRTL Listed, CE Mark. Awareness Technology Quality System is certified under ISO13485:2016.

  • Enclosure: All metal enclosure.   

  • Dimensions: Approx. 7.5x8.0x16.5 (19x20.3x42cm) Weighs 12.5 (5.7lbs. kg).

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