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LumiStat 4900


Programmable open system


LumiStat®, part of the Stat Fax® line of semi-automated instruments from Awareness Technology, Inc. is a CLIA microstrip reader capable of processing CLIA assays

The sensitive Luminometer with a broad dynamic range is designed to read luminescent reactions taking place in up to 3 x 8 or 3 x 12 CLIA microwell strips. LumiStat® is also capable or reading 1 or 2 wells if desired.

CLIA Assays can be programmed using a variety of calculation modes as well as an RLU/absorbance mode. All instrument adjustments and settings are made using the built-in touchscreen interface.

The photomultiplier light detector is sensitive to light in the UV and visible spectrum from 340 nm to 650 nm.

LumiStat® is a stand-alone analyzer with the ability to transmit and capture data to a PC via USB connectivity.

Features include an incubation timer, automatic blanking options, the ability to indicate the locations of positive and negative controls, enter control acceptance criteria for automatic comparisons, and to select positive and negative interpretations based on concentration values.

  • Economical open system

  • Compact design

  • Automatically positions each strip for reading

  • User programmable test menu

  • Multiple calculation modes

  • Touch screen display and on-board printer

  • Three strip loading capacity

  • Dependable maintenance-free design

  • Outputs results in 30 seconds per 12 well strip

  • Multiple calculation modes

  • PC connectivity via USB

  • NRTL listed, CE marked, Made in the USA


  • Sensitivity/Detection Limit: HRP 1x10-18 moles, alkaline phosphatase (ALP) 1x10-21 moles

  • Linear Dynamic Range: 106  RLU

  • Cross Talk: Less than 2.5 x 10-4.

  • Detector: Photomultiplier Tube (PMT).

  • Spectral Response Range: 340-650 nm.

  • Peak Wavelength: 400 nm.

  • Detection Mode: Glow luminescence.

  • Carrier Format: Strip carrier can hold three 12-well strips or three 8-well strips.

  • Vessel: Single, or break apart and non-break apart strips up to 12 wells long, 3 strip loading capacity. 1 – 36 well loading capacity.

  • Display: Interactive touch screen 3.5” (8cm) LCD, color graphic display.

  • Printer: Thermal with graphic capability, approximately 29 characters per line.

  • Speed: Reads, calculates and prints results, in approximately 30 seconds per 12-well strip.

  • Calculation Modes: Single Standard, Factor, multi-point calibration with point-topoint or cubic spline with curve storage, linear regressions with log, linear, and log-logit selections and cut off mode selections.

  • Test Storage: Stores all parameters including, calculations, unit codes, ranges, interpretations, calibrator values, test names, and previous curve.

  • Dimensions & weight: Approximately 9”x13.5”x5” (24x34x13cm) weight: 5 lbs (2.3kg).

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