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LumiStat 4900


LumiStat 4900 Micro-Strips Luminometer 

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The increased range and sensitivity of CLIA (Chemi Luminescent Immuno Assays) is no longer just for high volume labs. LumiStat, the first CLIA micro strip reader, brings this technology to any size lab.   


    • Automatic strip transport.
    • 3-strip loading capacity for 8-well or 12-well strips.
    • Easy to use with step-by-step prompting and on-board graphics printer.
    • Test names and parameters are stored in a large on-board memory for easy recall.
    • A built-in reference assures continuous calibration.
    • On board curve fitting calculations with step-by-step user prompting for single & multi-point calibration curves, several regression calculations, and a variety of cutoff and control options.



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