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Fully Automated Biochemistry / Turbidimetric Analyzer

The ChemWell-T Advantage.

Accurate and Precise

Above all other considerations when you are buying a biochemistry analyzer, you want results you

can always trust. ChemWell-T’s reliable optics and precision pipetting provide consistent dependable

performance for your peace of mind.


ChemWell-T is a computer-dependent open system. Its comprehensive software allows you to enter

parameters to build a test menu for a wide variety of commercially available biochemistry and

turbidimetric kits. It is easy to edit, delete, and grow your list of applications.


Materials and workmanship are specified and tested to assure product quality and longevity. In addition,

to help assure quality performance, ChemWell-T has many instructional prompts, error messages, and

features that track instrument QC and service needs.


ChemWell-T’s intuitive software visually mirrors what takes place on the analyzer. This facilitates

programming assays, daily operation, and use of the many additional optional features that make ChemWell-T both powerful and convenient.

Capabilities Overview

ChemWell-T is designed to perform kinetic and endpoint assays with single or multiple reagents. It includes patient database software (or accepts a worklist via LIS). Once you enter an order and load the reagents and samples, the instrument processes all the tests and presents results for reporting, storing, or electronic export. A variety of assay calibration equations are available. Features include random access, continual loading, stat capability, on-board reagent cooling, ISE module ready, acceptance of controls anywhere any time, and automatic application of user entered QC criteria and test interpretations.


Quality Control

Registry of controls by lot number and expiration date

Automatic Levey-Jennings tracking or QC plots based on acceptance ranges

Many options for specific test QC such as limits for blank absorbance, minimum or maximum starting absorbance, and reflex testing for out-of-range kinetics.


Rack Configurations

ChemWell-T comes with a universal reagent and sample rack having 5 different sectors labeled A-E. Additional sectors can be ordered separately. Sectors A-D fit any location in the rack, making it possible to customize the rack for various workloads simply by rearranging the interchangeable sectors.

An optional second rack is available with a fixed configuration. This rack is insulated and includes a cover to help chill reagents left on board for longer periods of time. The instrument and insulated rack are available with and without a sample barcode scanning option.


Reaction Cuvette and Carrier

ChemWell-T’s 37˚ C incubated cuvette carrier holds 40 tests as eight disposable strips of 5 wells each. The carrier automatically aligns wells for pipetting, mixing, and reading.


ChemWell® Management Software

ChemWell software has two components: Assay Editor - where test programs are created and edited, ChemWell Manager where patient data Is stored, work-lists are generated and all the operations are controlled.


Five tabs walk the user through test set up

SAMPLE - select or enter sample Identifications and choose from the test menu which tests to run for each, select replicates if desired and Indicate Stat samples.

CALIBRATION - use a stored curve or make a new one. For multipoint assays, there are many options to choose from including curve editing ability.

LAYOUT - verify proper placement of reagents and samples using colorful graphic references and familiar tools such as drag and drop.

TEST - monitor work-In-progress and completed results.

REPORT - create reports by assay, by patient, by date range and more.

Universal rack
Optional interchangeable
segments available
Optional insulated reagent and sample rack
(available with or without barcode
37˚ C Heated 8x5
Cuvette Carrier


  • Maximum throughput: 100 test per hour, not including optional ISE.

  • Min. and Max. volume: 2 μL - 388 μL.

  • Rack for reagents and samples: The Universal Rack includes five removable and user-selectable sectors for both reagent bottles and sample tubes, Assorted replaceable racks and custom-designed rack segments are available for various bottle sizes.

    • Sector A holds four 30 ml reagent bottles.

    • Sector B holds four 15 ml reagent bottles.

    • Sector C holds four 5 ml vials and four 12 mm x 75mm tubes or 2 ml skirted conical tubes.

    • Sector D holds ten 12 mm x 75mm tubes.

    • Sector E holds eight 13 mm x 100 mm tubes or 12 mm x 75 mm tubes.

  • Number of specimens: Typically 20 including calibrators and controls but variable depending on rack sectors Selected.

  • Reaction vessel: 8 cuvette strips, 5 tests per strip, total of 40 reactions on board.

  • Minimum reaction volume: 240 μl.

  • Maximum reaction volume: 700 μl.

  • Instrument bottles: 0.25 L Priming Bottle.

  • Thermal control: Cuvette Carrier 37° C or ambient room temperature Refrigerated Reagent Rack cools 8° to12° C below ambient through Peltier thermoelectric modules.

  • Optical design: Single channel photometer, NIST traceable absorbance calibration.

  • Filter wheel: 340, 405, 505, 545, 580, 630 nm.

  • Light Source: Tungsten Halogen Lamp.

  • Linear range: 0.0 to 3.0A.

  • Photometric Accuracy:

    • ± (1% of the reading +0.005 A from 0 to 1.0 A).

    • ± (2% of the reading +0.005 A from 1.0 to 3.0 A).

  • Calculation modes: Single standard, factor, fixed time kinetics, kinetics by standard or factor, multicalibrator point-to-point, linear regressions, cubic spline, 4-parameter logistic and percent absorbance.

  • QC Options: Store control data, print Levey-Jennings or QC range plots, calculate SDs.

  • Upgrade Format: USB and Internet upgrades.

  • Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows®.

  • Dimensions & Weight: 53 cm Wide x 50 cm Deep x 40 cm High Approximate weight < 15 kg (37 lbs).

  • Optional: barcode scanner Barcode scanner available, allowing for rapid entry of sample data using code 39 barcodes.

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